G-Money FAQs

1. What is Mobile Money?

Mobile Money is a service that allows you to use your mobile phone or Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) to store money in a form of electronic money or value for transactions. It is a convenient alternative to bank accounts.

3. What is G-Money Wallet?

It is a mobile money platform that facilitates the transfer of funds from one account (bank account or mobile wallet) to another, as well as the purchase of items and services, whether physical or electronic using a mobile device.

5. What services can I use G-Money for?

There are several services available for G-Money customers which include;

  • Send and receive money
  • Cash -Out at agent
  • Buy Airtime
  • Standing Orders
  • Pay merchant
  • Group Services
  • Bill Payment
  • Bank Services
  • Generate voucher

7. Do I need to have a minimum amount on my G-Money Account?

No. but there are limits on the transaction amount.

9. Can I send money from my G-Money wallet to other mobile money wallet in Ghana?

Yes. G-Money is interoperable.

11. Is there any interest to be earned on the value kept on my G-Money wallet?

Yes. E-Values maintained on the wallet attract interest which is paid every quarter.

13. Can I keep my existing phone number if I register for G-Money?

Yes. You will keep your existing phone number. G-Money will not change your phone number.

15. Can two mobile numbers be registered to one wallet on G-Money?


17. Can I get an overdraft facility on my G-Money wallet?

No. You cannot transfer more money than you have available in your G-Money wallet.

19. What do I do if I forget my G-Money PIN?

Call the Contact Service on 0202 111 177 or toll-free number 0800-422-422 for assistance. You can also WhatsApp on 0202-422-422, 24/7.

21. What happens to the cash on my wallet if my phone/SIM is lost or stolen?

G-Money services are safe even if you lose your phone. All your transactions are protected by the highest level of security. You can replace your SIM card at any of the Telecom network’s outlet facilities. Your G-Money account will be immediately available to you following completion of the SIM card replacement process. As soon as you find out that your phone is lost or stolen immediately alert the Contact Service on 0202 111 177 or toll-free number 0800-422-422 to block your wallet so that activities from your line are blocked. You have to first authenticate yourself.

23. How safe is money on my G-Money Account?

Your money is safe, transactions are highly protected using banking security standards.

25. Can I transfer money from my bank account to my G-Money wallet?

Yes. You first have to link your bank account under Bank Services on the menu.

27. Do I have a specific time I can top up through G-Money?

No. You can top up instantly anytime, anywhere.

29. How do I link my Bank Account?

Dial *422#
Select Bank Services
Select Link Bank Account.
Select the Bank
Enter Account Name
Enter Account Number
Confirm details

31. How do I reset my PIN?

Dial *422#
Select My Account
Select Change PIN
Enter Old PIN
Enter New PIN
Confirm New PIN

33. How does one register as an agent?

Kindly visit any of your branches or call our toll free number, 0800 422 422 to express interest.

2. How well is the Mobile Money business regulated?

Mobile Money Service is highly regulated. BOG published the Guidelines for E-money Issuers (EMI Guidelines) to regulate electronic and mobile money activities in Ghana. The EMI Guidelines indicates two main objectives of BOG as follows:
o To promote the use of e-money within the economy for retail payments and as a fund transfer mechanism (to promote a cashless economy) and
o To bring about financial inclusion of the unbanked.

4. I am currently on the *422#, do I have to sign onto the G-Money wallet?

Yes. All existing customers who are using the *422# must sign unto the G-Money Wallet services.
Active customers on *422# also have the option to opt-in. when you dial *422#, select GCB Mobile Banking, select other services, select opt-in to G-Money and follow the prompts.

6. Should one have an account with GCB to sign unto the G-Money Wallet?

No, it is for both Customers and non-customers. All you need is a Phone number (any network).

8. Who can use G-Money?

Anyone who has a registered SIM card can register for G-Money.

10. How do I register for G-Money?

You need to visit any GCB Branch or any Agent point to register. You will need to provide the following details:

  • Name
  • ¬†Date of Birth
  • Residential Address/Digital Address
  • Valid photo ID (Voter ID, Passport, Driver’s License, National ID)
  • Registered phone number
  • Email address (if available)

12. Are there any service charges to maintain my G-Money wallet?


14. Do all mobile phones support G-Money?

Yes. The G-Money can be set-up on any type of phone.

16. Can I use my G-Money wallet outside Ghana?

Yes. If roaming service is activated on the phone. However, International Roaming rates will apply.

18. How do I keep my G-Money Wallet secure?

You need to keep your G-Money PIN secret. Memorize your PIN and do not carry it with your phone. Never give out your PIN to anyone. If you have reason to believe your PIN has been compromised, you can change the PIN in the menu. G-Money will never request you to provide your PIN for any reason.

20. What happens to the cash in my wallet if I become deceased?

The cash will be paid to your next of kin.

22. What do I do in case of a wrong transfer?

The case with the wrong G-Money transfer would be minimal because you will always have a chance to review the transaction details for confirmation before submission to the system. If however, you send money to the wrong number, immediately call the Contact Service immediately after performing the transaction. Once the case has been lodged in, G-Money will endeavor to reverse the funds back to the sender. The process is dealt with within 24hrs. Please keep in mind that the G-Money will not be liable if the funds have already been withdrawn by the receiving party, or sent from one person to another subsequently.

24. Can I send money to someone who doesn't have a mobile phone?

Yes. You can send money from your G-Money wallet to anyone in Ghana; the receiver doesn’t need to have a mobile phone.

26. Can I use the service to buy airtime for my friends and relatives?

Yes. You can top up for friends and relatives instantly.

28. Can I buy airtime outside Ghana?

Yes. The G-Money service works on roaming.

30. How do I opt-in?

If you are a GCB Customer using GCB’s Mobile Banking Service,
Dial *422#
Select GCB Mobile Banking Service
Select Other Services
Select Opt-in for G-Money
Select your ID Type
Enter ID Number and confirm with your PIN

32. How do I upgrade my Tier Level?

Kindly visit any of our branches and present the following documents:
a. Bank Statement
b. Any Valid National ID
c. Utility Bill

34. How does one register as a customer?

Kindly visit any of your branches or our agent points with a registered mobile number and a valid national ID to get registered.

35. How many people can I add to my G-Money group?

You can add as many as 200 people to your group. However, the minimum number of people should be three to make the group fully active, one group lead, an authorizer and a member.